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@ For practitioners esetorics friends and science lessons,

science lessons, Shamballa, light worker, reiki and kundalini and other spiritual paths is rivers only, do not stop at the river , but discover the  sea

if you are still struggling with reiki and variant variant, struggling with the science of wisdom and all kind, energy flow in and flow, then you are still in the river stream, and still far from the ocean of knowledge you want to go.

if you’re still busy enjoying the cool nature of supernatural with your third eye and is still bound by your avatar, then you are still in the river and away from your ocean

who have reached the sea will soon leave the river tributaries, if you are too loyal to the river which you are navigating the river you will never reach your ocean

science wisdom, mysticism, Shamballa, light worker, reiki and kundalini and other spiritual paths is the only rivers road to reach the sea, do not you stop, but his look estuary located on the edge of the sea to drown in the sea

much enlightenment offered by the masters from Saint Germain to Metatron, from Shamballa, light worker, reiki and kundalini, enlightenment was the most enjoyable is the way of enlightenment through the path of divine love as Kabir and Rumi

Where the sea meets these demands and have found the situation you would like a picture of this poem.

Liver intoxicated by love
are not dealing with words.
I keep a jewel beneath my robe,
It’s finished my search.
The geese have been found
pond life behind hills,
He no longer needs
times and water in the gutter.
Lord was in your heart
What are you looking for out there?
“Listen my friend,
I found him inside, ”  .

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